Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tutorial For a beginner using Android phones

First of all congrats on getting your new android phone.If you are planning to get one then make it fast.

Many of my friends keep on asking the same questions again and again so i thought i should organize few links and walk through  to my best possible way so you all can get benefited.Let me start straight to the point..

How to manage your phone using a Windows PC.

Most of the android phones come with pre loaded software which help you to a good extend to manage your phone sync the contacts and calender. But for me it was not enough. Mainly because i just needed to get a better  access to all the filesystem other than just /sdcard. if you are one like me then just get these tools and work deep into your phone.

So few tools you should get before you start

First you need the Android SDK installed    or   Get these ADB tools (almost same like sdk but only with needed binaries )

Then you should Try this Android PC suite software  which makes your life so easy its QtAdb
Get the windows version here with QT library files  >>> HERE
Original web site >>> HERE

With this software installed you can

  1. install apps which are in your pc directly to your phone over WIFI or USB cable. 
  2. Sync your filese ,back them up, 
  3. Take screen shots of your phone display
  4. Use your phones shell (command line mode) efficiently
  5. and many more like message syncing etc 
On using the QtAdb you can read this topic and see some screen shots :) >> HERE

I now assume you have your stock firmware either 1.6 or 2.1 froyo running on your videocon device and you are going to try out new firmwares or ROMs available on internet. Before doing this i suggest you to make a proper back up of your phone and then proceed . so you wont have to ask around in the internet for those boot animation and other files like build.prop (which has the about phone specs) etc ...

For backing up your ROM or the whole of your phone you need to install a better more powerful recovery rom. Something like ClockworkMod Recovery  or ak0ng recovery.

Get the recovery files suitable and working ones for your phone (tested on my own videocon)
  1. a88 recovery 
  2. clockworkmod 
  3. another one 
To put the new flash img to your flash partition do the following procedure...

Go to FTM mode (by pressing RED/End Call  + Vol down key + Power )
Now open a command promt (window key + R   and type in CMD then Cntrl + Shift + ENTER ) so you are in admin mode

Now  navigate to the folder which has your ADB.EXE file ... its will be something like C:\android\
Type in Fastboot devices   and press enter . 
you should see            ?              devices 

now you are ready to flash.....
to be continued 

Here is the videocon splash file ( means the V logo shown when you press the power button or one shown during the fast boot mode)
here you will fine your Bootanimation.zip ( one which shows the twisting turning V during phones boot.) 
here it is  Videocon_bootanimation.zip (thanks to Jagadeesh K who sent me this file)

to be continued 


  1. http://andriod-help.blogspot.com/

    has some good posts as well

  2. can u please post the original nandroid backups please ...please .... in a hurry i flashed cynogenmod without taking a backup please can you send a mail or post the link ?

  3. owh god ... where was i? i am so sorry that i somehow missed these two comments.

    i know its been really a long time and worthless to reply .. but ..
    @codebreaker thanks a ton am reading the blog and updating myself
    @ramkumar ..even i dont have a stock back up but i will search the entire net and try to help u out.
    if i point u to a 1.6 or 2.1 official foxconn and give u boot animation n splash will this work ?? cos that will still cover warranty i guess.