Monday, 21 February 2011

I Simply Cant Understand !! Why ??

All these days i never even bothered about getting or even checking an Iphone 4 even when
few (4) of my friends uses it and i had easy access to it. Cos i simply didnt get
fasinated abt it...recently arguements/debates was going in on deep n day by day i find
its a crApple Iphone !! there are far better phones on market !! its simply like bit*hes
going after the rich dumb dude in your locality !!! all money n style but no quality !!

Well that was on my mind and it was my FB status for a moment. It all started with immense
curiosity on why ppl boast on apple products without knowing or really respecting the
actual PRODUCT simply sees it as a matter of pride(Fools Gold ) ( suddenly diamonds came
to my says they burn those in the mines just to keep the demand high in the
markets !!!)

Well its not a usuall i-hate speech again its just some info sharing to those few i-
Friends-of mine who uses Iphone :P
well its a great INNOVATION (once !! but now with so many better products available its
just a Great marketed product alone) but sure a trend setter
the main area ppl boast off is RETINA DISPLAY !! whts it ? anyone ? simply a qHD LCD
screen !! (960x540) quarter of a HD !! since size (area is small 3.6" diagonal it has 330
pixel density ?? what ?? that simply means if ever crAPPLE try to make a screen like
Galaxy S 2 4.3" the pixel density will come down to 270 !! to be honest you would never
even understand the difference with normal eyes !! but its all psychological !! Get well
soon bros n iLadies :P

About the processor and ram ?? A4 chip ?? what ?? its simply "1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8
processor, PowerVR SGX535GPU" lots of phones has it which is much better ... my spice MI
410 (motorola triumph) has better one "1GHz Scorpion processor, Adreno 205 GPU, Qualcomm
MSM8255 Snapdragon" ..last night i Over clocked it to 2Ghz and still worked like a charm
!! btw both crAPPLE n mine has only 512 MB RAM !!! so next time you put ur 35k on a phone
think again ?? you could actually buy two or three phones of same or even better specs !!
and after all these looting your company gives you only this much ?? shame !! imagine
spice taking 20k more for my same product what kind of TREATMENT they would have given to
its customer ? and Funny thing is like many my friend are not using a genuine apple phone
bought from iStore its JAIL BREAKED !! its like stolen good for APPLE dont talk to me
about crAPPLE !!!

 But sure the man behind these and the marketter!! behind this simply proved its so easy
to move products to the masses simply by BOASTING of and PUTTING a striking NAME ( retina
display , A4 chip, Iphone ) Icloud ?lol who actually know whats cloud computing ?
do you know Chrome OS ? how it works ? ok leave it.. For those INDIANS who boast about
APPLE understand for anything in Cloud to work you need a FASTER DATA CONNECTION ? what ?
( your GPRS /3G /WIFI ) :P these has different speed though !! you need the max to get the
MAX out of it .. in INDIA 3G came last quarter n still its expensive ... IPHONE ?? hehe

!!! will talk about BLACK BERRY later lol

One of my friend asked will you get updates for older ANDROID phones as new OS Versions
comes out !!! Yes MOST OF THE PHONES .. it depends on two things DEVOLOPERS working on it
AND how many ppl are in NEED OF A PORT (DEMAND) ... MIND IT and its done for free !!!
which means EVEN G1 the first google android phone has a Gingerbread 2.3 running on it
still !!! what else you need ?? Just keep in mind that DEMAND is important for any one who
working on FREE basis out of INTEREST he wants MOST of the PPL to have the my
turn CAN APPLE IPHONE 2G run IOS 5 ? or IOS 4 ? the company taken so much from you and
dont release SOURCE or SUPPORT !! so buying a MARUTI ALTO Legally and driving it on indian
roads...with pleasure is way better than Sitting IN A STOLEN Merc n teasing him !! lol :P

I had to say this ... its not a usual I-Hate-speech just sharing some info thats all....

well if it was not the IPHONE then there wont be any interest shown by google on android
and cell phone section wouldnt have gone this far today :)
so just a TREND setter only !! simply like MOTOROLA made the first phone Ford created the
FIRST CAR !!! Toshiba made the first LAPTOP that .... and if there were no IPHONE
then the companies like HTC/Samsung/Motorola/LG/Sony would never have become so FAMOUS
among ppl who uses SMARTPHONEs those days only NOKIAs SYMBIAN n Microsofts Windows Phone
were called as a SMARTPHONE and HTC had WINDOWS PHONES no one bothered !! Samsung/Sony had SYMBIAN no one bothered !! now i guess I KNOW WHY NOKIA wanted to STAY OUT !! but i really believe the ONE NOKIA N9 PHONE IS ENOUGH TO SHOW THE WORLD HOW MEEGO would have GROWN

!!... ok fine lets see how mANY gets ANY info from this !!!

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  1. Hey can you provide a good way of rooting Spice MI-350....