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A great tutorial from a Thai forum

The whole of this tutorial is a with the help of google translate. Much editing correcting is required. First of all thanks to the original post and all the guys behind the original forum. do check them at here. 
A big thanks to k0ng :)

** I took out link offline I see that someone has started a 2.1, this file is not available for offline ** 2.1.
custom recovery rom A88 can do for people without flash App2SD boot partition in the partition can be divided into steps I detailed a bit offline. To understand the process.
Files and the next step for this particular Wellcom A88 1.6 can not be used with other versions.
**** A88DS-recovery change log ****. [5/5/2010].
--- Add the menu to the right off the root of the machine.
Properties A88DS-recovery rom.
1. Toggle USB SD card via the SD Card off usb without having to OS.
2. Backup / Restore for backup partiton boot, data, system and app2sd ext.
3. Flash zip Flash files or other files with the extension. Zip.
4. Wipe clear machine factory reset.
5. Partition SD card in the sd card partition divided for making App2SD.
6. App2SD enable App2SD.
7. Enable / Disable Root was right off the root.

What needs to be.
1. Cable to usb, fastboot and driver for the ADB interface ->. A88 Tools.
2. A88DS-recovery rom downloaded from ->
Installation A88DS-Recovery. (for that never made app2sd from other methods.)
There was major.
0. Wipe (Factory Reset).
1. Install driver, fastboot and test Rom.
2. flash Recovery rom.
3. Do Backup.
4. Do App2SD.
0. We add additional steps to prevent use Wifi I do not have offline.
0.1 go to Setting> Privacy Select Factory Data Reset.
Doing a factory reset to clear out all data in the machine.
1. Install driver, fastboot and test Rom.
1.1 unzip A88_Tools and the file recovery-a88ds-v1.6.0.2.img to stay in the same folder as fastboot.exe crack zip to the C: \ a88_tools.
1.2 Close the connection.
1.3 Connect the usb.
1.4 to fastboot mode by pressing the button End call button [DROP] + [Volumn Down] + [Power] to power.
1.5 equipment will remain on the screen Welcome (waiting to make sure that the machine is not accessible in normal mode) If windows ask to install drivers from the driver to select A88 Tools.
1.6 If the driver installed successfully in Device Manager of windows will have a device that ADB Interface.
1.7 Go to menu Start -> Run .., type cmd, and then ok.
1.8 In the window that opens. Change the folder to unzip to come out like
cd c: \ a88_tools.
1.9 Testing and fastboot a88ds-recovery. To ensure that the work with commands.
fastboot boot recovery-a88ds-v1.6.0.2.img.
Then press Enter.
1.10 If everything is correct, see below.
downloading 'boot.img' ... OKAY.
booting ... OKAY.
Screen and the connection mode to recovery.
** If you are not forbidden to continue. Turn off the machine, disconnect and remove the battery and try again **.
1.11 Power off choosing the menu and press the track ball 1 time machine is turned off.
2. flash Recovery rom.
2.1 Press the call button [DROP] + [Volumn Down] + [Power] to power once again.
2.2 Connect the usb.
2.3 Go to menu Start -> Run .., type cmd, and then Ok.
cd c: \ a88_tools.
Flash 2.4 recovery image with the command.
fastboot flash recovery recovery-a88ds-v1.6.0.2.img.
Then press enter.
Wait for the 2.5 that
sending 'recovery' (3632 KB) ... OKAY.
writing 'recovery' ... OKAY.
2.6 When done, add to reboot.
fastboot reboot.
3. Backup.
The sd card should have a space of not less than 200 MB.
3.1 off.
3.2 into recovery mode by pressing Camera [Camera] + [Volumn Up] + [Power].
3.3 Scroll to the menu Backup / Restore press track ball to select it.
3.4 Nand backup selection, press track ball and press the Home button to confirm.
3.5 Wait until the backup is complete, press Back to return home.
3.6 Select Reboot system.
OS 3.7 to normally mount sd card.
3.8 on a PC open to Removeable drive sd card and copy all data stored in the computer (check that the Folder nandroid should have a file system.img, data.img, boot.img).
3.9 Once all the data copy. Off, then press into recovery mode again.
4. App2SD.
* Split partition sd card sd card to make the information on all missing
4.1 break new partition by selecting the menu Partition sdcard.
4.2 Select Partition SD.
4.3 Press Home to confirm.
4.4 Swap-size set to zero by using a track ball spin up - down to adjust.
4.5 on Swap-size = 0 MB, then press Home.
4.6 Set Ext2-size = 512 MB, then press Home.
4.7 Press the Home button again to confirm. Program will split the partition.
4.8 When done, press the Back button to return home.
4.9 Choose to Enable App2SD.
4.10 Press Home to confirm.
4.11 When finished, select the menu Reboot system now.
I finished up doing app2sd on to OS and then copy the data to sd card to put back the original.
A88DS-recovery menu.
1. Reboot system now - reboot your machine.
2. Enable / Disable SD Card - SD Card off via usb.
3. Backup / Restore.
--- 3.1 Nand backup backups boot, data, system.
--- 3.2 Nand + SD ext backup boot, data, system, sd ext (app2sd to do it).
--- 3.3 Nand restore the backed up data back.
4. Flash zip from sdcard Flash zip files or other
5. Wipe.
--- 5.1 Wipe data / factory reset to clear the machine to restart.
--- 5.2 Wipe Dalvik-cache data in clear only dalvik-cache.
--- 5.3 Wipe SD: ext empty sd ext (app2sd to do it).
--- 5.4 Wipe battery status battery status clear.
--- 5.5 Wipe rotate setting clear set rotate.
6. Partition SD Card.
--- 6.1 Partition SD divided partition on the sd card.
--- 6.2 Repair SD: ext check the data in sd ext.
--- 6.3 SD: ext2 to ext3 conversion of the format as ext2 ext3 (not available).
--- 6.4 SD: ext3 to ext4 format to convert the ext3 to ext4 (not available).
7. Enable App2SD enabled app2sd.
8. Enable / Disable Root was right off the root.
9. Power off shut down.
** For those who follow the way of snowwolf725 already have flash boot partition back to the old before I can use offline to app2sd with this method.

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