Sunday, 20 February 2011

How to update your videocon zeus from 1.6 stock to 2.1 Eclair

Warning This will void your warranty !!! And i am not responsible if you brick your phone !!! :)

But i think you cant brick it .. there will be some hope finally at the service center though !!
This procedure is very simple and tension free :)

you should have these two files ready.

1. spice 2.1 update file F0X-219M-0-5015-A01.nb0  >>or  Read Here
2.SUT-LR update Tool Get it >> HERE


I hope you already downloaded the Software Update Tool from here SUTLR.ZIP else download it

Extract it to some folder in your pc

Then install it by running the Setup.exe inside

Then start SUT-LR program

it will open to show a screen like this

Connect your phone to the pc using USB cable

Click NEXT

Browse to the folder where you copied the F0X-219M-0-5015-A01.nb0
The screen should show phone is connected.(just making sure drivers are installed :)

Optionally ( I think its better to ) select ERASE DATA


TURN OFF your phone

Start to Download Mode ( Press Red + Vol Up + Power Key )

It should show
 Flash item : SAMSUNG KG45******
Modem REV  FXX-2-19M-00
incomming download mod
 blah blah blah ….
Don’t have to rush let it go…printing….

Phone should be connected with the USB to the PC else connect it

Now click NEXT on the SUT-LR utility



Finally it should give you a screen saying

 update successfull !!!

press FINISH or CONTINUE if you want to update to another ROM any thing as you like :) immediately :)

Either UPDATE Success or with an error code 0x4000 something don’t worry just try to manually switch on your phone it should work fine.

This is just because the reboot failed.. just power on manually and it should all work well.

This method can be used even on a bricked phone which is not booting.So this should work fine or else try again don’t panic J you can always go to Videocon service center and fix it if something terrible happens. I have tried it again and again it worked fine. I even came back to 2.1 and then went up  to 2.2.1 .. now I am looking for a 1.6 stock rom so I can try to come back to 1.6 stock. I will update this post as and when required.

Please share it if you find it useful…… J

Those who successfully done the update please post a comment/feedback. I might be integrating the VIDEOCON Startup and Boot Animation soon … so it will look like a stock version J

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  1. pls upload videocon v7500 bootanimation also,I really need it :-(