Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Videocon Zeus evolve v7500 Android phone india

I finally decided to move on to android, and started looking for a phone under 10k range. Spice mi 300 and videocon Zeus was my target. Though its only a trackball missing Zeus has good finish and more attractive than spice. A little search online made me understand both are phones made by a Korean/tiwanese company Foxcon in China, and rebranded. The spice mi 300 comes for around rs 9990 and videocon Zeus at rs10999. Another thing i wanted to remind you is if you still like to have spice MI-300 then you should take a look at Motorola Xt3/Xt5 good finish and good support in their website. Spice mobiles dont sell in kerala now some problem with their stockist which they are sorting out soon. Mean time i found on ebay a used 3 weeks used zeus and grabbed it.

Review of the phone .
You can find decent well detailed review of this phone in many sites. I will provide link to them below. This is my opinion about the phone. The package is too much. But the contents like a car charger and an extra battery was really useful. There is also a 8GB card coming with this phone.

Many people had complaint about the voice quality. So first thing i checked was a call quality. There is no problem at all. In fact its better seems like this phone has a noise reduction(not sure have to check spec).

The quality is not upto the mark. i came from a Nokia 5800( carl zeiss 3.2mp autofocus dual led flash) this one is FIXED FOCUS and 5MP camera .. good in bright light. flash is also just OK.  Not a good camera phone at all. :)


even the stock 1.6 android os was having a not bad battery life.( Only one day used but my friend who had this phone for 3 weeks confirmed ) normal usage with occassional gprs/wifi will last it to about a day only.

now updated to 2.2.1 jelly bean Firetrap and battery life awesome. listened to music browsing in EDGE with a good performance...( 600mhz cpu ) ...every one should try this firmware .. and there is a LIVE WALLPAPER running all time. (dont forget you have an extra battery :P )
Charging the extra battery is a headache as we have to put it in the phone ..so looking for a solution.

the screen resolution is not that great but the screen itself is BRIGHT and we can use it outside in the sun.
The colors depth is not that great but the TOUCH response is too good. Especially when pinch to zoom.

I should tell this.. the phone could give your location when indoor to an accuracy of 6 METERS ..thats a good GPS inside.( all the GPS/A-GPS/other location settings were kept on )

There is a E -COMPASS ..that works great .. you can try the compass application too.

in short
Good Finish decent design
Good GPS
Good touch response
Decent RAM / CPU
Good loud speakers
Lot of options to upgrade to custom roms

Poor online support/ limited service centers (not if you have patience to leave the phone days)
Not a good Resolution (256k ?? ) screen
Cant keep the second battery charged other than when inside the phone. :(
No flash support.. still trying to figure out.. as of now its not working and many flash apps says not supporter installation.

Some Useful Links related to this phone

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