Monday, 25 July 2011

Some Good Apps I always use with android phones

This time i wanted to intro to you some good really good apps that will always be worth to have in your android powered phone.

Titanium Backup Pro

This one needs ROOT access.But once your rooted and installed Titanium backup it saves a lot of your time and bandwidth. How ?? Titanium backup can back up all your Installed apps and their Data too.

which means when ever you format or reinstall or upgrade your phone ,you dont have to go to market and redownload all those apps. For example if your browser is restored you have the option to restore the DATA part too that means the settings , bookmark and preference  that you already saved when you backed up last time.saves a lot of time.The PRO version is a paid app but trust me its worth. It can does all these with super fast speed using HYPER SHELL .so go to market and try out the free version .

Pulse Reader

As you all know we guys have to read and keep updated to the new happenings in technology world and its a big task for me always to go type in all the web address and read all of them one by one. If i had to do this i might be reading 40 plus sites daily and that will be a big headache. There will be good news or articles that i wish to share with other friends having similar interest. So to do all these with ease and accuracy with a less data sacrificed and organised in a better or best way. Well thats the Pulse Reader does.                                         

Dolphin Browser HD

I was a great fan of Netfront when using nokia S60V3 phones then OPERA when using symbian s60v5 phones.Then eventually the chinese UC browsers took over symbians best browsing experience. The UC browser 7.8 for android is really fast and stable. But somehow i like the Dolphin Browser HD. Why ???. Dolphin browse has very optimised way of rendering pages even on EDGE/2G networks.It has speacial add on plugins available.(i use the translate plugin) Tab browsing and it feels like you are really using a Computer and not a phone. Dolphin browse has special gesture feature,which help you easily bookmark ,navigate while browsing.And above all the best feature is a good download manager. still UC is best at this.

Alternate browse recommendation. UC Web 7.8 , Opera Mobile.

SMS backup & Restore.

A really useful and ultra fast app that helps to back up all the message threads in your android device. The best part is when restoring it helps to add up to the existing thread. Another feature is its in built DUPLICATE CHECKING while restoring. This feature helps not to create duplicate sms entries.The back up format is in .xml and this can be found in the SDcard sms backup restore folder. The size of the .xml will be so small that you can manually attach and upload it to your mail or online. Another noticable feature of this app is with out restoring you can look into or read an existing baked up xml file and see the messages. :)

India Rail Info.

This perticular app was very helpful in many situations and gained me a lot of praise!!. This app helps to find out the status, time, number, arrival /departure of Trains running under Indian Railway. This has feature to find out the Fare also. This is really useful for anyone who has someone who atleast use Indian railway sometime in his life :) . Very light weight app (size in kb) 

Mobile Number Tracker.

This app helps to track /trace the network circle from which you are getting the phone call.So when your phone rings it will show from which circle the call is coming.I found it very useful.But with the recent Mobile Number Portability the accuracy on ported number is not good.still it helps to find out /surprise friends :)


Mobo Player.

This is one best app which is free and does its job wonderfully well.Yes its a video player with  a nice GUI and does play almost all the formats. Best idea of on screen controls. options to show hide Hidden files.and a lot more.

this list will continue.......

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